Mental Health for the Jet Set

I have never been eligible to work a corporate job. I don’t have an MBA or a JD or a long line of work experience that got me to a certain level of expertise. What I do know is about mental health and self care through the truest kind of experience: lived experience. I know what’s true because I’ve lived through it, I’ve walked the path and came out on top. Someday I’d like to work with an organization or corporation to develop a guidebook on mental health for their employees. For now, these simple ideas on how corporate types can practice positive mental health are my solution.

Don’t Just Sit in Your Cubicle

Get to know the other people in your office. You’ll spend enough time working in a cubicle to know it gets lonely. Without getting too personal, find out how they spend their weekend or whose reached the next level of Candy Crush.

Let Human Resources Know What’s Going On

If you have a diagnosed condition, you might consider confiding in HR. HR can get you the appropriate accomodations you need and serve as intermediary between you and supervisors.

Try a little exercise

Walking at lunch, attending a yoga class, or simply stretching away from your desk can help change your perspective and your attitude.

Take a few deep breaths

Try simple meditation exercises at your desk. Close your eyes and just breathe.

Seek professional help

Call a therapist, or a medical doctor, if you think the problem might be biochemical.

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