You can help too. No amount is too small.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate I will be run/walking in a 5K to help NAMI-CT. NAMI-CT offers support groups for people with mental health conditions as well as monitors legislative activity at the state level on mental health policy. They also educate schools and parents on mental illness. I wrote their annual report a few years ago. This is a cool organization and I hope you’ll help me if you can. I’ve included a link to my fundraising page below. I sincerely understand if funds are tight for you, readers. But if anyone out there wants to forgo that morning coffee and support a great cause, no amount is too small. All your donations will go directly to NAMI-CT. I have been training for this 5K for over a year now with strength training and running on the treadmill and outside when weather permits. I will think of all my readers as I run/walk this event. And, as I said on Facebook, anyone who donates will receive a personalized poem from me on the topic of their choice. You can contact me through this blog’s contact page to give me their email so I can send it to you.

3 thoughts on “You can help too. No amount is too small.

  1. I just donated $10.00 – I wish I could donate more. As far as the poem goes, if you could write something about bipolar, peripartum onset (easy peasy! 😉 I’d be up for it! (postpartum bipolar works too!) That’s a wonderful offer!

    Thank you for taking part in this event & for raising awareness of mental health.

    take care & have a great 5K,


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