The Valley of Everyday Peaks

In the valley of everyday peaks, we deal with the depression, the pain, the hurt, the betrayal by loving the everyday. The little stuff like fresh flowers, a good book or television program, a broadcast on NPR that stirs us, the sunset, fireflies in the park, these simple things must console us, then work to heal us. We must fight the fire in the soul with the everyday knowledge that the everyday must sustain us.

The Valley is dark and dreary, though this can be deceiving. The valley has a river in which to drink fresh water, lush green trees and shrubs, flowers. You are surrounded by beauty in the valley yet the clouds over your head are thick and black. Ugly things happen to us in life. Things that test our resilence. Things that make us breakdown. Things that make us scar. Things that make us bleed. These are the things that show us we are human, show us we are real. If we didn’t have the pain, we’d miss the view from the valley.

Sometimes our peaks are standing in the low lands.

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