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On Edge A Journey through Anxiety by Andrea Petersen

Here comes a book that will surely hold the test of time as far as mental health classics go. Petersen tells her story with severe anxiety beautifully weaving research studies into the narrative. This is the first personal narrative on anxiety I’ve read in a long time. Petersen takes you through the medication cures, as well as the therapeutic ones and the unorthodox ones like yoga and support groups. She includes a chapter on marriage, friendship and parenting with anxiety and how her anxiety isolated her from other people and ultimately life. Petersen is a Wall Street Journal reporter on health and psychology and a recipient of the Rosalynn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism. Visit  Andrea at her site


My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward by Mark Lukach

In his brilliant best-selling first memoir, Mark tells his wife Giulia’s story through his own eyes. Giulia was diagnosed in her late twenties with bipolar disorder and had several breakdowns into psychosis causing her to be hospitalized. There isn’t much literature written as memoir through a caregiver’s eyes and Mark shows the intricacies of relationships in his book. Most powerful line: “I couldn’t hide the Golden Gate Bridge from her,” he says about Giulia’s fixation with suicide. The couple live near San Francisco and now have a son together. Giulia is a marketing executive and Mark is a writer and high school teacher. Mark’s web site is


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  1. The new header looks great!

    Have you heard of NetGalley? It’s a really cool resource where bloggers can receive advance copies of books in exchange for their reviewing them wherever they can. I got both “On Edge” and Mark’s book months before the pub date.

    The website is:

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