New App for OCD Promising to help with Exposure Therapy


I discovered a new iPhone app for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD sufferers. The Android app is coming soon. Although, I do not have a diagnosis of OCD, I developed strange symptoms during my teen years. Founder Stephen Smith developed the app to help the 1 percent who struggle with this disorder, after he was diagnosed with OCD in college. nOCD allows one to use exposure therapy to work on their obsessions and track their compulsions. They even have a YBOCS test for you to rate how severe your OCD is manifesting.


I found this app helpful for someone who needs to track their symptoms in conjunction with traditional therapy and pen and paper journaling, although this could possibly replace pen and paper journaling as people get healthier. To download the nOCD app, click here.

More about the App

– nOCD is a fully customizable app which incorporates clinically proven OCD treatment techniques (we are not creating a revolutionary new therapy, instead, we are revolutionizing the DELIVERY of an existing form of therapy – ERP – which we already know to be highly effective for OCD).

– nOCD provides real-time tracking of a wide range of metrics, including time spent doing ERP exercises, anxiety levels during exercises and during general use of the app, location/time of day of OCD episodes, and much more. All your personal information is stored on a HIPPA compliant secure server

– nOCD allows you to export this objective data directly to your therapist if you choose to do so

– our SOS feature offers in-the-moment support when OCD strikes on the go

– we have a large community on social media (@treatmyocd), and we are in the process of building a community feature directly into the app – this will be released later this year!

– nOCD is available for FREE on the App Store (Android version coming soon!). We are determined to bring high-quality, affordable treatment to anyone who needs it

To download the nOCD app, click here.

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