The Other Club

Suicide survivors are
one type of club and so are
those who survive a mass shooting,
then there are the cancer survivors, the
ones in deep grief over the loss
of a child, the ones who come home from a war,
the ones who lost a parent at an early age;

“About suffering they were never wrong,” wrote Auden
When being part of a “club”
must console a society
losing its identity
to grief and falling into acceptance
of the New Normal, perhaps
a truth we have known all along.

Then, there is the club we are likely to forget about,
those who have mental illness,
the stigmatized, the shameful, the embarassing

how we block out the unnecesary, the confusing, the absurd;
that which is inconvenient to our truths;

the truth that we are not alone
in our one truth, something
everyone shares in the one truth of being human.

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