Recovering from a Mass Shooting

In light of the shooting in the Parkland, FL high school and to the 18 other shootings which happened between January and now, I would like to call for better mental healthcare in America’s middle, high schools and colleges. There is an organization Active Minds which strives to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. I believe chapters need to expand to middle and high schools too. By making students and faculty aware of the symptoms of mental illness, chapters of Active Minds can help identify potential shooters and also comfort students traumatized by a shooting. Students, who have gone through a mass shooting, need to band together. Right after a shooting, students will be in shock. Symptoms of PTSD may not appear for weeks to months, sometimes years afterward.

If you need help or want to take action, contact these organizations:


Active Minds

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance

PTSD Alliance

Sandy Hook Promise

National Association for Students Against Violence Everywhere

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