Hypomania, heading for mania or Just Over-productive: What’s the difference?

I never know the difference between hypomania and just working hard and being excited about life.

—increased goal directed actvitiy
—decreased need for sleep, feels rested after only a few hours
—racing thoughts
—more talkative than ususal
—activities with painful consequences, increased spending
—eating less
—distractability/lack of focus
—hypographia for journal writing
—trouble concentrating

These are the symptoms I experienced for about four to five days. Am I on my way to mania and then psychosis or am I just hyper-productive? Do my symptoms have to persist every minute of the day or do they occur less often? Night exacerbates my symptoms. This blog is my full-time job. I have fun doing it but I treat it like work. Building a business requires a certain tenacity and energy. I made a few large purchases for the blog, including a ticket to the NAMI national conference in New Orleans.

I don’t think this bout of hypomania will send me into psychotic mania. I think I am busy reporting and writing stories for this blog as well as tending to the business of blogging. The reason I think this is that I snapped out of the symptoms quickly because of my medications. I went to my psychiatrist and he thought we should watch these symptoms and was more concerned about me crashing into a depression from January’s manic episode.

I have trouble sitting down to write the stories I report. I must develop a schedule for writing as I have for reporting and researching and interviewing. The next couple of months I have several mental health events I will be reporting on concluding with the NAMI conference this June, which I may try live blogging or microblogging at. I’m starting to attend more conferences and work with brands on this blog. So, if you know of a conference I should consider going to or have a mental health brand you want me to feature or do a collaboration with, let me know. You can comment below or leave me a note from the contact page.

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