My Big Project and Your Chance to Participate in it


In addition to this blog, I am developing a book proposal and a sample chapter of a project that has been near and dear to my heart. I began it in grad school for Writing in 2004 but I wasn’t ready to work with the material for it back then. My time is now in 2018. The launch of my blog and its upcoming two year anniversary is the perfect time to begin again. The topic is important and badly needed as well as evergreen.

The big reveal

I am writing and researching and interviewing for a new book about college students and mental health. It will be part survival guide, part memoir, and include essays from you guys about your experiences in college. If you want to write an essay for my book, please email me at azinkerman at gmail dot com. Essays need to be at least 1000 words but can be longer.

Blogging as Usual

I have a lot planned for this blog for the fall so I hope you’ll keep reading on. You’ll attend a forum on mental health with Connecticut politicians, we’ll go to a mental health first aid training sponsored by Mental Health Connecticut and of course there will be more interviews. Don’t forget the surprises too !

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