A Message for Families in Crisis

There was a murder in my hometown this past Monday. You can read about it here. A 12-year-old boy murdered his twin sister and stabbed his mother in a domestic incident. I cannot tell you if this boy has a mental health diagnosis. But I can tell you that there were most likely signs leading up to the incident that trouble was brewing in the mind of this boy. Families should know that in Connecticut by dialing 211 they can reach resources to prevent a crisis. Should a crisis like this happen, 211 can help them find counseling and other resources they need.

If the boy has a mental health diagnosis, he needs help over jail or juvenile detention. Acts like these don’t come on suddenly; they escalate over time, often the symptoms or warning signs don’t appear all at once or are hard to see as they are masked by typical tweenager behavior. Here are a list of links for families in crisis you might want to become familar with before it’s too late. These links will give you information and resources for handling a crisis before it escalates into tragedy.


healthfinder.gov         Search for crisis intervention

empowering parents.com     Free Parenting Resources



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