Why There Shouldn’t be a Stigma on Going to Therapy

I’m one to believe that everyone should get six months of therapy in their life. Here are six reasons no one should ever feel ashamed of seeing a therapist.

It’s just Talk. There’s nothing wrong with an impartial ear to listen to you work through an issue. Everything you say is kept confidential. It’s not like a friend who might gossip.

There are many types of therapy and therapists. Google types of therapy and a whole list comes up. You can even go to online sites such as betterhelp.com offering therapy online, which is cheaper if you have no insurance. Otherwise, check with your insurance provider for a list of therapists in your network.

Do your Homework. Many therapists will give you homework to do in a journal to bring back to the next session.

The World Needs a lot of Healing. If everyone went to therapy, we’d have less conflict and more understanding among each other.

It’s a place just for you. You don’t have to be diagnosed with something to go. You don’t get diagnosed with something when you do go. It’s not just for people with mental illness. It’s for everyone.

It’s Green Juice for your Mind. You exercise for your body. Drink green juice. Well, therapy is that secret sauce that will heal you and allow you to move past situations.

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