Covid-19 and Your Mental Health


We, here, at A Mile a Minute want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy from the pandemic we are now in. The key is to isolate from others and if you do go out practice social distancing remaining 6 feet away. Isolation can lead to loneliness. Here’s a few ideas to break up the day.

Meditate. There are many free meditation apps to assist you. Look up Susan Piver. She has a great online class in meditation.

Finances. If finances are your worry, or you lost your job because of this, call your Dept. of Labor. File for unemployment and see what resources they offer.

Limit Social Media and News. Now, would be a good time to do a digital detox and limit media you consume. Check in with your friends but don’t stay on social too long per day.

Entertainment. Binge on Netflix or streaming services. Journal. Start a blog. Do creative writing activities. Read. Cook. Make a video.

Exercise. There are a lot of Youtube exercise videos out there. Take a walk or jog, just remember to stay 6 feet away from people.

And, if you need to talk through stress and anxiety, click on or
They have licensed professional counselors available when you need it most.
For more information on Covid-19, go to

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