SIP Sessions: Innovative Way to Start the Conversation and Meet New People

“I’d love to see SIP sessions build a population that can do something about the state of Connecticut,” said Brent Robertson of Fathom. “I’d love to see Connecticut take responsibility for its own future. I think we spend a lot of time finger pointing about why things turned out the way they did or are as they are. I think we should figure out how to create the future we want as a state.”

This is why Fathom created the SIP sessions to elevate humanity through conversations that would eventually lead to creating change in communities. SIPs are not TED talks. They aren’t marketing platforms. They simply are people playing with ideas who want to engage others in a free and open to the public forum. 

“I like the quote ‘If you want to see change happen, find your allies and conspire with them,’” Robertson said. “SIP sessions are a magnet for allies. There’s something really powerful that happens when you realize you are not alone, not the only one with these thoughts. There is no better drug to either make or break a new habit than community.”

SIP sessions are an ongoing dialogue which have met in Hartford area cathedrals, other venues and businesses and most of the time at Spaces in Blue Back Square in West Hartford Connecticut. 

SIPer’s are a band of misfits, dreamers who see things could be better and are committed to doing something about it but may not know how to do it. They may not even know their are others out there with the same ambition. “They are people searching for something deeper and have made a commitment to live with more purpose and meaning,” said Robertson. “SIP is for people unsatisfied by the status quo.”

“We get all kinds of waks of life and we are trying to broaden it in 2020,” Robertson said. 

Started two years ago, the sessions have grown to holding one a month with 15 on tap for 2020. Fully funded by Fathom, SIPs keep expenses low by having attendees bring their own food and drinks to share. Whether seltzer or wine in hand, the conversation is sure to engage and motivate. 

The conversation leaders come from local business owners and thought leaders. One leader brought index cards of a book he was working on and handed them out to the attendees and had them ask him questions while he riffed. Another SIP session was on setting boundaries. Another was on letting go. 

Robertson wants to hold SIP sessions in places where they are less available such as the Hartford Public Schools. 

Connections, friednships and actions have been taken as a result of people meeting at these sessions.

During the pandemic, the SIP Sessions have moved online through Zoom. More information is on their web site.

To find out more about SIP Sessions and get a schedule of latest events, go to 

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