Special Free Offering on Gratitude from my friend Deb

Let me tell you now what a friend Deb Hawkins is offering. Her Intentional Gratitude webinar is one-of-a-kind. If you’ve ever been interested in beginning a gratitude practice in your life, she’ll show you how she creates more gratitude for herself, and how YOU can do it too.

Now, you are saying but I have a gratitude journal already. But do you use it daily? Deb will show you strategies to motivate you to find gratitude in the simple things.

Practicing Gratitude can help you to release Anger. It will show you the way to true Abundance. It can put in check negative thoughts and create positive pathways in the brain.

I’m asking you to support my friend, and promise you will feel better after taking her two week course. She will be offering it again in October for those that can’t make the September dates.

And, if money is an issue, she really wants you in this class. You will benefit from it greatly. So, she’s offering her September class free of charge. Just contact Deb at deb at nosmallthing dot net for the promo code.

Helium for Your Heart will be offered Sept. 14 and 21st at 7PM CT/8PM ET. Make your calendars and come along for the ride. It will make you feel better about yourself and the world.

And remember, one person’s gratitude can change/elevate the world. It all starts with you and your life force can change things for others.

Find out more at www.nosmallthing.net.

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