Innovative Family Fundraising Project Raises Money for Non-profits Helping those with Mental Health Issues

After Rapper Iran Jr. Brugueras aka Splash died in a car accident in 2016, the Brugueras family turned pain into purpose creating SPLASH to raise funds for mental health non-profits. They started a fund with the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving with the over $25,000 they fundraised through a softball and a bowling fundraiser to celebrate the life of their son. 

“My step-son Iran struggled with mental health issues. He received therapy and medication but no one showed him the holistic way of yoga, meditation, nutrition,” said Nora his stepmother.

Iran aka Splash used his talent for rap music to produce a song and music video about his struggle with mental illness titled “Pill Boy.” You can see the video here.

Helping Splash with his music became a family endeavor. His family decided to start SPLASH—Special People Looking and Aiming for Success and Health—to help them grieve with purpose. 

So far, SPLASH’s gift to the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has funded $5,000 to Advocacy Unlimited’s Toivo Center, a place for people with mental health issues and their friends and families to learn about and experience holistic culture such as drumming circles, support groups, meditation, and yoga. 

SPLASH is hoping to raise even more with more events when the pandemic subsides in order to give to more non-profits doing good work for mental health. 

“Change starts with us, a family initiative, said Nora. “At times, it is a lot to take on. But if you start the conversation eventually change happens.”

SPLASH hopes in the future to bring together mental health and holistic practitioners in a mental health fair to show people that they too can have a comprehensive treatment plan. 

For more information about SPLASH, go to

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