988 is the New Suicide Hotline, but be careful what you say

This past week the National Suicide Prevention Line became easier to use. All you need to do is dial 988 or text 988 and you can be connected to a trained listener. 

However, be careful what you say to them. They are mandatory reporters which means they have to report abuse, violence or self-harm. If you say the wrong thing, they might call 911 on you. Before you say, post, or text anything, think twice. How is the other end going to respond? If you do not want emergency first responders at your door, please think twice about how you phrase things. 

Talking to someone when you feel at your lowest helps. They can point you to resources in your community. 988 is an important resource for everyone who wants better mental health to know. You can talk about bullying at your school or your insensitive boss. You can talk about a family member in crisis and how to deal with them. You can talk about how hard it is to live in your violent neighborhood and you can talk about how hard unemployment or under employment is. 

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