The Bipolar Brain: Motivational and Productivity Hacks for the Atypical Brain

I came across a video by Jesse J. Anderson of the ADHD blog He suggested some ideas for the ADHD brain that I feel might be useful for those of us with bipolar brains. The two conditions are very similar to each other and can sometimes exist comorbidly. Many of the common productivity hack systems outContinue reading “The Bipolar Brain: Motivational and Productivity Hacks for the Atypical Brain”

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It’s hot off the press. Just go here to get yours. And, while you are at it, sign-up for a dose of sanity with my e-newsletter. Thx again. I look forward to giving you more content on mental health soon. I’m working on an article on bullying and mental health and programming for children andContinue reading “Get my Free E-Book Staying Well with Bipolar Disorder”

988 is the New Suicide Hotline, but be careful what you say

This past week the National Suicide Prevention Line became easier to use. All you need to do is dial 988 or text 988 and you can be connected to a trained listener.  However, be careful what you say to them. They are mandatory reporters which means they have to report abuse, violence or self-harm. IfContinue reading “988 is the New Suicide Hotline, but be careful what you say”

Swiss photographer Captures Manic Depression on Film

Matthieu Zellweger, Ph.D., a Swiss scientist and photographer, shoots haunting, surreal and journalistic pictures of manic depression that make it seem like the subjects are experiencing unreality in real time. The pictures in “Worlds Beyond” featured in the scientific journal the Lancet are staged but give one the feeling of experiencing the states in which the subjectContinue reading “Swiss photographer Captures Manic Depression on Film”

Dear Future Husband

Disclosure in Romantic Relationships is Important to Increase Understanding about Mental Illness My mania plays out in rapid speech, racing thoughts, odd ideas at all hours, little to no sleep. My manic hypersexuality has led to a one-night stand and many unpleasant relationships, the kind where it’s ticklish when you later bump into him inContinue reading “Dear Future Husband”