Financial Wellness: An Important Step to Mental Health

I spoke with Jim Goldman, a Certified Financial Planner, who also volunteers with Jewish Family Services for 13 years as their Money Coach. Jim advises unemployed people in JFS’ JETS Schmoozers Job Networking Club how to manage their money, how to spend and save wisely, and how to achieve financial wellness—being able to do whatContinue reading “Financial Wellness: An Important Step to Mental Health”

News in the World of Lithium

Science Update Breaking News in the World of Lithium In a PubMed published study on May 2020, Lithium has clear anti-viral activity at the preclinical level but remains to be established in clinical settings. This could have a direct effect on viruses in the Corona and SARS families. This is the great scientific research question. Could lithiumContinue reading “News in the World of Lithium”

Guest Blogger: Julia Tannenbaum “My Books Helped Me “Choose Life””

It’s been over three months since the third and final novel in my trilogy The Changing Ways Series came out yet it often still feels surreal that it’s over; that this project I’ve poured myself into for the past four years of my life is behind me once and for all.  Back in 2018—which seems forever agoContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Julia Tannenbaum “My Books Helped Me “Choose Life”””

Falling Off Its Axis. A Trip through Anxiety

Anxiety makes me scream inside my head. I have created an anxiety end zone in my home. There are gem stones, journals, homemade signs with positive affirmations, books about healing and combatting anxiety, meditation books, yoga cards, buddha heads, and meditation beads. Anxiety doesn’t make sense. Its antics are illusive and odd, the sort ofContinue reading “Falling Off Its Axis. A Trip through Anxiety”

SIP Sessions: Innovative Way to Start the Conversation and Meet New People

“I’d love to see SIP sessions build a population that can do something about the state of Connecticut,” said Brent Robertson of Fathom. “I’d love to see Connecticut take responsibility for its own future. I think we spend a lot of time finger pointing about why things turned out the way they did or areContinue reading “SIP Sessions: Innovative Way to Start the Conversation and Meet New People”

Gabe Howard ; Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Mental Health Warrior

  Gabe Howard is an award-winning podcast host, speaker and writer who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders. He hosts the Psych Central Show and Not Crazy. He is the author of Mental Illness  is an Asshole, a collection of his observations and blog posts on living well with a mental illness, mental health advocacy,Continue reading “Gabe Howard ; Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Mental Health Warrior”