The Valley of Everyday Peaks

In the valley of everyday peaks, we deal with the depression, the pain, the hurt, the betrayal by loving the everyday. The little stuff like fresh flowers, a good book or television program, a broadcast on NPR that stirs us, the sunset, fireflies in the park, these simple things must console us, then work toContinue reading “The Valley of Everyday Peaks”

Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness

Photo of Laura and Ed Noe, courtesy of Laura Noe When Angel Salinas immigrated to Connecticut from Ecuador, he opened Johanna’s, a small restaurant for breakfast and lunch, in downtown New Milford. One day a disheveled, smelly homeless man showed up at his back door. It was Ed Noe. This began a friendship where SalinasContinue reading “Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness”

Budget Crisis in CT about to be Balanced on Backs of Poor, Disabled and Mentally Ill

Cuts to the Medicare Savings Program would devastate thousands of elderly, low-income, and disabled people in Connecticut, said Kelly Phenix, Recovery Support Specialist with the Behavioral Health Partnership Oversight Council at a June 14, 2017 press conference hosted by the CT Cross-Disability Lifespan Alliance at the legislative office building. The recent proposal by the GovernorContinue reading “Budget Crisis in CT about to be Balanced on Backs of Poor, Disabled and Mentally Ill”

Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore

Cat was 37 and in the middle of the worst manic episode of her life. She was confused, angry, depressed. Her stringy blonde hair framed her face giving her the appearance of the late Kurt Cobain. She had been walking the streets of Minneappolis and Chicago for a week. Her clothes dirty; her body battered.Continue reading “Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore”

A Humorous Interview with David Leite, author of Notes on a Banana, a memoir

  David Leite describes himself in a Youtube video as “Crazy, Gay and Happily Portuguese.” “Humor is the missing prescription in mental health,” said Leite. My interview with David Leite, author of Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression, was laugh out loud funny as we discussed writing, food, love,Continue reading “A Humorous Interview with David Leite, author of Notes on a Banana, a memoir”

Manchester Strong

Honestly, when I hear about terrorism in the world, I get a little numb. It’s always the same memorials and the awful newscasts. The physical and psychological wounds and scars people will have for years to come. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a very real thing. Healing can begin the next day or years afterContinue reading “Manchester Strong”

You can’t Backpack through a Mental Hospital Or, Maybe, you can.

During college, while all my friends were backpacking through Europe or studying abroad, I spent my time in and out of psych hospitals. Sure I missed out on some terrific college experiences but I gained an education in a population who are discriminated against and marginalized. I decided I wanted to use my journalism skillsContinue reading “You can’t Backpack through a Mental Hospital Or, Maybe, you can.”

New Mental Health Picks from the Publishing World

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled by Ruby Wax Ruby Wax is a British comedian who suffers from depression and negative thinking. It was this thinking that forced her to get a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford. Her training in comedy and theatre inform her writing style as this is the funniestContinue reading “New Mental Health Picks from the Publishing World”

Profile in Brave: Risa Sugarman

I met Risa Sugarman as she was fighting with her insurance for a round of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat her depression. Risa struck me as a put-together, forty-something with short red hair and glasses. No one in the suburban town we’re both from would guess she had struggled with depression since college at ColumbiaContinue reading “Profile in Brave: Risa Sugarman”