Swiss photographer Captures Manic Depression on Film

Matthieu Zellweger, Ph.D., a Swiss scientist and photographer, shoots haunting, surreal and journalistic pictures of manic depression that make it seem like the subjects are experiencing unreality in real time. The pictures in “Worlds Beyond” featured in the scientific journal the Lancet are staged but give one the feeling of experiencing the states in which the subjectContinue reading “Swiss photographer Captures Manic Depression on Film”

Dear Future Husband

Disclosure in Romantic Relationships is Important to Increase Understanding about Mental Illness My mania plays out in rapid speech, racing thoughts, odd ideas at all hours, little to no sleep. My manic hypersexuality has led to a one-night stand and many unpleasant relationships, the kind where it’s ticklish when you later bump into him inContinue reading “Dear Future Husband”

From Not Good Enough to Enough

How reframing my inner dialogue makes all the difference I’m an over-thinker as most bipolar people are. My inner critic constantly berates me. I let him, who I call Arthur, live rent free in my head. As a result, I don’t feel good enough, like my writing is not good enough for publication. It’s anContinue reading “From Not Good Enough to Enough”

My Mental Hospital Story

I had a conversation with the woman with PTSD. She checked herself in voluntarily while I was on a hold. She told me to never feel embarrassed about checking yourself in somewhere when you start to sense trouble.  At the end of my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. And,Continue reading “My Mental Hospital Story”

Carrie Cantwell’s New Memoir Daddy Issues A Tour de Force on bipolar disorder in families

1. Why did you write this book? What are your hopes for the book? I started writing the book as journal entries to keep track of my life, my experiences and what I’d been through. It was purely therapeutic and not originally meant for anyone but me to read, so I could learn more aboutContinue reading “Carrie Cantwell’s New Memoir Daddy Issues A Tour de Force on bipolar disorder in families”

Amazon’s Hot List for Bipolar Memoirs is Carrie Cantwell’s Debut Memoir

I interviewed Carrie Cantwell a few years ago on this blog. Her new memoir Daddy Issues is out now on Amazon’s Hot List for #1 Bipolar Books. I will review her book in forthcoming weeks. Carrie Cantwell grew up with an unstable father who suffered from manic depression. His emotional absence left her wounded andContinue reading “Amazon’s Hot List for Bipolar Memoirs is Carrie Cantwell’s Debut Memoir”

Financial Wellness: An Important Step to Mental Health

I spoke with Jim Goldman, a Certified Financial Planner, who also volunteers with Jewish Family Services for 13 years as their Money Coach. Jim advises unemployed people in JFS’ JETS Schmoozers Job Networking Club how to manage their money, how to spend and save wisely, and how to achieve financial wellness—being able to do whatContinue reading “Financial Wellness: An Important Step to Mental Health”

Social Media Entrepreneur and Advocate Hannah Blum Publishes New Book

UPDATE: I interviewed Hannah Blum for this blog in 2018. I’m delighted to say her new book The Truth about Broken: the Unfixed Version of Self-Love is for sale on Amazon. A combination of memoir and the quotes and poetry that went viral on her Instagram account, Blum’s writing is raw and beautiful. She doesContinue reading “Social Media Entrepreneur and Advocate Hannah Blum Publishes New Book”

Bipolar and Impulsivity: A Dangerous Symptom No one likes to Talk about

In college, I once sent an inappropriate and scary chain letter email to my ex-roommate, a girl who had gotten Residence Life to give her a restraining order against me. I also used to blurt out hurtful things to other students, spend too much money on things I didn’t need, and drink too much. LaterContinue reading “Bipolar and Impulsivity: A Dangerous Symptom No one likes to Talk about”