My Mental Hospital Story

I had a conversation with the woman with PTSD. She checked herself in voluntarily while I was on a hold. She told me to never feel embarrassed about checking yourself in somewhere when you start to sense trouble.  At the end of my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. And,Continue reading “My Mental Hospital Story”

My 8-Fold Path to Wellness in College: How I Thrived and So can You

I promised you my 8-Fold Path to Staying Stable and completing your degree. Not everything may work for you. It is up to you do tailor it and design your own road map.  *Stigma: Combatting stigma or discrimination requires education of yourself first. Then, you must educate others. Give them pamphlets from NAMI or ActiveContinue reading “My 8-Fold Path to Wellness in College: How I Thrived and So can You”

Life after Disclosure: One Woman’s Decision to Fight

When Kathy Flaherty dropped her biochemistry thesis at Wellesley College due to anxiety and depression, her life took a new trajectory. After graduation, she applied and was accepted to Harvard Law School. But it was not long into her tenure at Harvard, when her manic symptoms surfaced and she was hospitalized and given the properContinue reading “Life after Disclosure: One Woman’s Decision to Fight”