Dear Future Husband

Disclosure in Romantic Relationships is Important to Increase Understanding about Mental Illness My mania plays out in rapid speech, racing thoughts, odd ideas at all hours, little to no sleep. My manic hypersexuality has led to a one-night stand and many unpleasant relationships, the kind where it’s ticklish when you later bump into him inContinue reading “Dear Future Husband”

Author Terri Cheney Talks about her Life and her Books

Author and advocate Terri Cheney’s friends and family were often baffled by her moods and how to best help her. People offered lots of well-meaning advice but none of it got down to her core. “When someone is depressed, say five little words: Tell me where it hurts,” said Cheney. “This helps a person openContinue reading “Author Terri Cheney Talks about her Life and her Books”

Life after Disclosure: One Woman’s Decision to Fight

When Kathy Flaherty dropped her biochemistry thesis at Wellesley College due to anxiety and depression, her life took a new trajectory. After graduation, she applied and was accepted to Harvard Law School. But it was not long into her tenure at Harvard, when her manic symptoms surfaced and she was hospitalized and given the properContinue reading “Life after Disclosure: One Woman’s Decision to Fight”