Fitness Builds Self-Confidence and Adds to Mental Health

John Zvonek has been in mental health recovery for 12 years since he was age 25. “I had to find healthy habits,” he said. “I had to take my recovery seriously that meant no drinking, drugs and be as healthy as I could possibly be.” He gained 80 pounds in one month because of hisContinue reading “Fitness Builds Self-Confidence and Adds to Mental Health”

Dyane Harwood’s Birth of a New Brain will help others with peri-partum bipolar

  I first came across Dyane Harwood’s blog after she left continuous comments on my blog and we began a conversation through email and in the comments. Dyane writes her blog after being diagnosed with peri-partum bipolar 1 disorder to help others make sense of their condition and find resources. Dyane’s bipolar was triggered byContinue reading “Dyane Harwood’s Birth of a New Brain will help others with peri-partum bipolar”

Living in the Hunger

Some people with mental illness blame their meds for making them fat. Hunger is about an internal yearning of the heart not about collecting more and more of that substance you yearn for. Hunger is about sitting with the yearning, longing, pain for just how long you need to be moved to action. Putting onesContinue reading “Living in the Hunger”