Dear Young Rocker, a binge worthy break from the Coronavirus

  Chelsea Ursin, of Boston, saw her younger self as wild but fragile. She’s the creator of the Dear Young Rocker podcast a memoir about her adolescent rage and angst and how she channeled these feelings through music—rock music. Her fave band as a teen Smashing Pumpkins. Ursin, when asked, said three words to describeContinue reading “Dear Young Rocker, a binge worthy break from the Coronavirus”

“I don’t know” An answer to a question or a conversation stopper

It was 1980-something, I was 12-years-old. We live in Simsbury, Connecticut—a very heterosexual, WASPY town in New England. My parents always told me to never tell your religion to anybody, not even to talk about the subject of religion. It is Sunday and I am in Granby, the next town over, at a friend’s house.Continue reading ““I don’t know” An answer to a question or a conversation stopper”

Fitness Builds Self-Confidence and Adds to Mental Health

John Zvonek has been in mental health recovery for 12 years since he was age 25. “I had to find healthy habits,” he said. “I had to take my recovery seriously that meant no drinking, drugs and be as healthy as I could possibly be.” He gained 80 pounds in one month because of hisContinue reading “Fitness Builds Self-Confidence and Adds to Mental Health”

A Talk with Rabbi Steve Leder about Pain and Transcendence in his new book

  There are very few books you can turn to again and again. More beautiful than Before is a gentle tome with a powerful lesson about overcoming pain. You will want to buy two copies of this book: one for your shelf and one to pass on. You will find yourself reaching for Rabbi SteveContinue reading “A Talk with Rabbi Steve Leder about Pain and Transcendence in his new book”

Living in the Hunger

Some people with mental illness blame their meds for making them fat. Hunger is about an internal yearning of the heart not about collecting more and more of that substance you yearn for. Hunger is about sitting with the yearning, longing, pain for just how long you need to be moved to action. Putting onesContinue reading “Living in the Hunger”

The Valley of Everyday Peaks

In the valley of everyday peaks, we deal with the depression, the pain, the hurt, the betrayal by loving the everyday. The little stuff like fresh flowers, a good book or television program, a broadcast on NPR that stirs us, the sunset, fireflies in the park, these simple things must console us, then work toContinue reading “The Valley of Everyday Peaks”