Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness

Photo of Laura and Ed Noe, courtesy of Laura Noe When Angel Salinas immigrated to Connecticut from Ecuador, he opened Johanna’s, a small restaurant for breakfast and lunch, in downtown New Milford. One day a disheveled, smelly homeless man showed up at his back door. It was Ed Noe. This began a friendship where SalinasContinue reading “Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness”

Budget Crisis in CT about to be Balanced on Backs of Poor, Disabled and Mentally Ill

Cuts to the Medicare Savings Program would devastate thousands of elderly, low-income, and disabled people in Connecticut, said Kelly Phenix, Recovery Support Specialist with the Behavioral Health Partnership Oversight Council at a June 14, 2017 press conference hosted by the CT Cross-Disability Lifespan Alliance at the legislative office building. The recent proposal by the GovernorContinue reading “Budget Crisis in CT about to be Balanced on Backs of Poor, Disabled and Mentally Ill”

Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore

Cat was 37 and in the middle of the worst manic episode of her life. She was confused, angry, depressed. Her stringy blonde hair framed her face giving her the appearance of the late Kurt Cobain. She had been walking the streets of Minneappolis and Chicago for a week. Her clothes dirty; her body battered.Continue reading “Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore”

Tips for those trying to write the mental health memoir

Some of my advice stems from author Dani Shapiro, memoirist, who I had the chance to study with at a writing retreat. Dani along with my graduate school writing professors have inspired me that my book can inform, inspire and be written masterfully. Find your arc and don’t make it totally about mental illness. YourContinue reading “Tips for those trying to write the mental health memoir”

Next to Normal: A play about illness and its consequences

I saw a production of Next to Normal this weekend at Theaterworks Hartford. This play examines the life of a woman with post-partem bipolar disorder and how her illness affects every person in her suburban family. Winner of three 2009 Tony Awards, including Best Musical Score and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, Next to Normal wasContinue reading “Next to Normal: A play about illness and its consequences”

You can help too. No amount is too small.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate I will be run/walking in a 5K to help NAMI-CT. NAMI-CT offers support groups for people with mental health conditions as well as monitors legislative activity at the state level on mental health policy. They also educate schools and parents on mental illness. I wrote their annualContinue reading “You can help too. No amount is too small.”

Part 1: Bipolar and Dating

It’s a big conundrum. When can you start dating after being diagnosed? For me, I seriously started dating the man I would marry 15 years after getting diagnosed. Sure, I had had haphazard relationships all along throughout my twenties. But I knew myself and I knew my illness by the time I became serious aboutContinue reading “Part 1: Bipolar and Dating”

Mental Health for the Jet Set

I have never been eligible to work a corporate job. I don’t have an MBA or a JD or a long line of work experience that got me to a certain level of expertise. What I do know is about mental health and self care through the truest kind of experience: lived experience. I knowContinue reading “Mental Health for the Jet Set”

Toivo Center Brings Mind/Body Practices for Mental Health to Connecticut

  There’s a place nestled within Hartford’s south end where holistic health meets mental health. Toivo, meaning hope in Finnish, exists as open space inside a store front where healing magic begins. No one is turned away because of race, age, religion, culture, sexual orientation and income level. Mental health diagnosis labels do not matterContinue reading “Toivo Center Brings Mind/Body Practices for Mental Health to Connecticut”