Interview with Stephen Smith, Founder of nOCD app for your phone

  In past weeks, I reviewed the nOCD app, available in the Apple Store and coming soon to Android. nOCD helps those with intrusive thoughts and OCD sufferers to analyze what’s really happening in the moment. It is a therapist away from a therapist. I interviewed Stephen Smith, Founder of nOCD, about his story andContinue reading “Interview with Stephen Smith, Founder of nOCD app for your phone”

Creativity on Fire

There’s a painting at the Tate Gallery in London that has always mystified me. A red-haired boy, dressed in 17th century garb of white shirt and cobalt blue knickers lies dead in a tattered bed in an attic garret. A small vial slipped from his fingers on the wooden floor next to the bed. TheContinue reading “Creativity on Fire”

New Podcast the Dark Place Shares Stories about Mental Illness and Health

Joel Kutz opens his about page on his podcast’s web site with “Everybody has a dark place, yet for many reasons, that can be scary to acknowledge. Let’s stand up together and say we’re not afraid.” He uses the podcast medium to talk about the taboo subject of mental illness and to have conversations withContinue reading “New Podcast the Dark Place Shares Stories about Mental Illness and Health”

Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness

Photo of Laura and Ed Noe, courtesy of Laura Noe When Angel Salinas immigrated to Connecticut from Ecuador, he opened Johanna’s, a small restaurant for breakfast and lunch, in downtown New Milford. One day a disheveled, smelly homeless man showed up at his back door. It was Ed Noe. This began a friendship where SalinasContinue reading “Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness”

The Media, the Madness, and Me

Videocam shows police saving a man about to jump in the river. This bit of news flashes across my phone and it got me thinking. The mass media and Hollywood sensationalize mental illness. It happens most when they cover mass shootings to the high profile suicides and homicides. Mental illness should not be viewed forContinue reading “The Media, the Madness, and Me”

Next to Normal: A play about illness and its consequences

I saw a production of Next to Normal this weekend at Theaterworks Hartford. This play examines the life of a woman with post-partem bipolar disorder and how her illness affects every person in her suburban family. Winner of three 2009 Tony Awards, including Best Musical Score and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, Next to Normal wasContinue reading “Next to Normal: A play about illness and its consequences”

You can help too. No amount is too small.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate I will be run/walking in a 5K to help NAMI-CT. NAMI-CT offers support groups for people with mental health conditions as well as monitors legislative activity at the state level on mental health policy. They also educate schools and parents on mental illness. I wrote their annualContinue reading “You can help too. No amount is too small.”

Student Unraveled: Bipolar On Campus

I paced frenetically all the while talking raucously into the telephone outside the college newspaper office. What began as a routine phone call to find out some more information for a story winds into a diatribe about how I planned to take over the Massachusetts Democratic Party and enact my politics of the impossible agenda.Continue reading “Student Unraveled: Bipolar On Campus”