New Poetry Phone Line Promotes Mental Health and World Healing

In January of 2021, Trapeta Mayson, poet laureate of Philadelphia and a social worker, had an idea. Deep into the COVID pandemic, she wanted to alleviate the mental health crisis brought on by Covid in the city and world.  She decided to start The Healing Verse, a 24/7 phone line promoting mental health, wellness, andContinue reading “New Poetry Phone Line Promotes Mental Health and World Healing”

Activist Melody Moezzi’s The Rumi Prescription a timely tour de force

  I interviewed Melody Moezzi a few years ago after I finished her first and second books War on Error and Haldol and Hyacinths. Melody, who is Iranian-American, is an activist, lawyer, writer. She also happens to be diagnosed bipolar 1. As I read her newest book The Rumi Prescription: How an Ancient Mystic PoetContinue reading “Activist Melody Moezzi’s The Rumi Prescription a timely tour de force”

Social Media Entrepreneur and Advocate Hannah Blum Publishes New Book

UPDATE: I interviewed Hannah Blum for this blog in 2018. I’m delighted to say her new book The Truth about Broken: the Unfixed Version of Self-Love is for sale on Amazon. A combination of memoir and the quotes and poetry that went viral on her Instagram account, Blum’s writing is raw and beautiful. She doesContinue reading “Social Media Entrepreneur and Advocate Hannah Blum Publishes New Book”

My Depression & My Mania, poems I wrote

My Depression is a tsunami triggered by my mania sweeping away positive people, opportunities, hope, my self-worth, self-love, every shred of self-esteem. It is a cliche and an original, a tornado funnel cloud showering voices, hallucinations, self-doubt; anxiety is like a shaking earthquake. My Depression thrives on hospitals, pills, electroshock. Suicide attempts feed its overwhelmingContinue reading “My Depression & My Mania, poems I wrote”

You can help too. No amount is too small.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate I will be run/walking in a 5K to help NAMI-CT. NAMI-CT offers support groups for people with mental health conditions as well as monitors legislative activity at the state level on mental health policy. They also educate schools and parents on mental illness. I wrote their annualContinue reading “You can help too. No amount is too small.”

Nineteenth Year Crack Up

This is a poem I wrote during graduate school for Writing. It is a fictionalized account based on what I went through in college. Twelve years have passed since my days in Boston Days when I sat under archways thinking, scribbling poetry, howling sins;
the moon listened by fracturing the sky. I read Shakespeare, Kafka, Plath,Continue reading “Nineteenth Year Crack Up”