New Literary Works on Mental Illness and Beyond

  The Collected Schizophrenias: essays is perhaps writer Esme Weijun Wang’s tour de force through life with schizoaffective disorder. This personal essay collection positions Wang into the world of literary nonfiction as she is the novelist of the Border of Paradise. Wang uses fashion motifs to talk about her high-functioning mental illness. She includes essaysContinue reading “New Literary Works on Mental Illness and Beyond”

Recovering from a Mass Shooting

In light of the shooting in the Parkland, FL high school and to the 18 other shootings which happened between January and now, I would like to call for better mental healthcare in America’s middle, high schools and colleges. There is an organization Active Minds which strives to change the conversation about mental health onContinue reading “Recovering from a Mass Shooting”

Manchester Strong

Honestly, when I hear about terrorism in the world, I get a little numb. It’s always the same memorials and the awful newscasts. The physical and psychological wounds and scars people will have for years to come. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a very real thing. Healing can begin the next day or years afterContinue reading “Manchester Strong”