Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness

Photo of Laura and Ed Noe, courtesy of Laura Noe When Angel Salinas immigrated to Connecticut from Ecuador, he opened Johanna’s, a small restaurant for breakfast and lunch, in downtown New Milford. One day a disheveled, smelly homeless man showed up at his back door. It was Ed Noe. This began a friendship where SalinasContinue reading “Schizophrenic Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness”

You can’t Backpack through a Mental Hospital Or, Maybe, you can.

During college, while all my friends were backpacking through Europe or studying abroad, I spent my time in and out of psych hospitals. Sure I missed out on some terrific college experiences but I gained an education in a population who are discriminated against and marginalized. I decided I wanted to use my journalism skillsContinue reading “You can’t Backpack through a Mental Hospital Or, Maybe, you can.”