News in the World of Lithium

Science Update Breaking News in the World of Lithium In a PubMed published study on May 2020, Lithium has clear anti-viral activity at the preclinical level but remains to be established in clinical settings. This could have a direct effect on viruses in the Corona and SARS families. This is the great scientific research question. Could lithiumContinue reading “News in the World of Lithium”

Planet of Microbes by Ted Anton: Links Depression/Anxiety to Gut

If you watch the Big Bang Theory, read the Science section of the New York Times and live on the line where nature meets poetry, Planet of Microbes: The Perils and Potential of Earth’s Essential Life Forms by Ted Anton will engage you in the history and future of microbes. Anton is as much aContinue reading “Planet of Microbes by Ted Anton: Links Depression/Anxiety to Gut”