Non-Profit Spotlight: Today I Matter on Addiction

At the age of 29, Timothy Lally died of a heroin overdose. He had struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks and tried traditional treatments that didn’t work. When he discovered opioid pills, it made him feel better. The opioids ran out and he turned to heroin.  His father, John Lally, an APRN, wanted toContinue reading “Non-Profit Spotlight: Today I Matter on Addiction”

Less than Numb: Overcoming Self-Destructive Urges

Photo courtesy of Google Trigger Warning: This post is about self-harm. A blogger friend of mine recently had a relapse with self-injury and is now in the hospital. Thinking about taking a wrong step. Thinking about feeling a little less than numb. Thinking about what it would feel like to cut myself again. I haven’tContinue reading “Less than Numb: Overcoming Self-Destructive Urges”