It’s Just Talk. No Shame in Therapy

Cheslie Kryst shines the light on mental health in life and in death. Cheslie Kryst, attorney and 2019 Miss USA winner, 30, jumped to her death in New York City’s Times Square. Her death shines the light again on suicide among the prominent and powerful, as well as on the mental health of communities ofContinue reading “It’s Just Talk. No Shame in Therapy”

My Depression & My Mania, poems I wrote

My Depression is a tsunami triggered by my mania sweeping away positive people, opportunities, hope, my self-worth, self-love, every shred of self-esteem. It is a cliche and an original, a tornado funnel cloud showering voices, hallucinations, self-doubt; anxiety is like a shaking earthquake. My Depression thrives on hospitals, pills, electroshock. Suicide attempts feed its overwhelmingContinue reading “My Depression & My Mania, poems I wrote”