It’s Just Talk. No Shame in Therapy

Cheslie Kryst shines the light on mental health in life and in death. Cheslie Kryst, attorney and 2019 Miss USA winner, 30, jumped to her death in New York City’s Times Square. Her death shines the light again on suicide among the prominent and powerful, as well as on the mental health of communities ofContinue reading “It’s Just Talk. No Shame in Therapy”

An Open Letter to Beatrice Francis Spade

For those of you who may not know Beatrice Spade is the 13-year-old daughter of Kate Spade, fashion designer who recently passed away from complications from depression, anxiety and maybe bipolar. Kate Spade died by suicide. Dear Beatrice, Your mom created a brand, a brand known to all and utilized by many. She had successContinue reading “An Open Letter to Beatrice Francis Spade”

Mental Health for First Responders, Important to Grasp Spiritual First Aid Every day

  Officer Paul Buchanan, an East Hartford, Connecticut, police officer was decorated, had won awards, and a friend to all. “Even the bad guys would ask for him,” said Trish Buchanan, his wife of 29 years. He was a father of two sons, won police officer of the year in 2008, but throughout his careerContinue reading “Mental Health for First Responders, Important to Grasp Spiritual First Aid Every day”

Tara’s Closet: A Two-fold mission to End Stigma of Mental illness and Clothe Hartford’s Neediest populations

Barbara Roth, mother of Tara Savin, holds Tara’s jacket in Tara’s Closet Photo Courtesy of Kim Margolis, JFS Tara Savin was a bright and talented young woman who battled bipolar disorder symptoms perhaps since the 6th grade. She attended the private school Kingswood Oxford and then it was on to Boston University where she doubleContinue reading “Tara’s Closet: A Two-fold mission to End Stigma of Mental illness and Clothe Hartford’s Neediest populations”

More from the New York Publishing World

On Edge A Journey through Anxiety by Andrea Petersen Here comes a book that will surely hold the test of time as far as mental health classics go. Petersen tells her story with severe anxiety beautifully weaving research studies into the narrative. This is the first personal narrative on anxiety I’ve read in a longContinue reading “More from the New York Publishing World”

Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore

Cat was 37 and in the middle of the worst manic episode of her life. She was confused, angry, depressed. Her stringy blonde hair framed her face giving her the appearance of the late Kurt Cobain. She had been walking the streets of Minneappolis and Chicago for a week. Her clothes dirty; her body battered.Continue reading “Suicide shouldn’t be a stigma anymore”

The Media, the Madness, and Me

Videocam shows police saving a man about to jump in the river. This bit of news flashes across my phone and it got me thinking. The mass media and Hollywood sensationalize mental illness. It happens most when they cover mass shootings to the high profile suicides and homicides. Mental illness should not be viewed forContinue reading “The Media, the Madness, and Me”