The Self-Care Five: Journaling


I am writing a series of posts here about some of the hallmark things that help my mental health. They include: sleep, fitness, nutrition, meditation, and journaling. I’ll begin with journaling.

When I first was diagnosed bipolar, I kept mood charts and longer journals. The mood charts were the kind you can order from the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance or print out from their web site. Later, I kept a check-in journal. I answered five questions which were How I feel, What I need, Thoughts to Clear, Connect to the Dream, and What are you holding back. I did this most days and I still keep this kind of journal from time to time. As a writer, I keep project/idea journals, including one for this blog.

Bullet journals are great places to keep track of mental health related issues. I have found that by googling “bullet journals” you can find a plethora of resources.

Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios writes and makes videos and podcasts on journaling. Check out her podcast Creative Living with Jamie or her Behind the Scenes video on her blog. Jamie sponsors the Give a Girl a Journal program which sends journals to girls all over the world. Read about it here. She also formed an online journal club where she and other woman drink tea and write in their journals watching each other on the computer screens.

Liz Lamoreux has a blog where she talks about journaling and art journaling. On her site, she offers ecourses on journaling and collage journaling. Liz is a gifted poet and jewelry maker. She sells soul jewelry and other talismans at her Soul Mantras site.

Esme Wang, a writer with schizoaffective disorder, blogs and instagrams about her use of journals for therapeutic work as well as the creative. I have taken her Rawness of Remembering ecourse which uses journaling to help transgress you through memories you carry. Esme offers it now as a self-taught ecourse, which you can do at your own pace.

Susannah Conway writes a heartfelt e-newsletter which you can sign up through her blog. Susannah writes about creativity, grief and healing, photography, and online life. She offers many ecourses on her site including Journal Your Life and Blogging from the Heart, which I have taken both and recommend highly. Today her main focus is her courses on oracle cards but she does offer her journaling ecourse from time to time.


Have a very healthy, special holiday! from everyone at A Mile a Minute blog

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