The Best Books on Gratitude that I’ve Found So Far

Gratitude is important in healing from depression and other mental illness. World expert on gratitude Deborah Hawkins offers two books the Best of No Small Thing: Mindful Meditations and Practice Gratitude: Transform Your Life. Intentional Gratitude is more than keeping a gratitude list or journal. It’s about noticing the little things that make you happy in life. These two books helped me to remind myself what is truly important. Her first book, a book of short essays, is poignant and at times wry, full of observations that you can relate to your own life. These are not just books for people with mental illness; they are for everybody. 

To order these books, go to

Hawkins is offering another round of her companion course Helium for Your Heart: Elevate Your Outlook with Intentional Gratitude. The course will be offered October 12 and 19 at 7PM EST. It costs $47, but you can get it for $36 with the promo code Goodlife2021. Here is a link to register for the course:

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